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Firmware Android TV Box ZIDOO X6 PRO
Phiên bản: ZIDOO X6 PRO version 1.0.38
Kích thước: 444MB
Mật khẩu: hieuhien.vn
Ngày cập nhật: 07/06/2016

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Firmware Android TV Box ZIDOO X6 PRO version 1.0.38


1,Fixed the login issue(Google Play store).
2,Rewrote the ZDMC’s codec for Rockchip chipset by using a new method for passthrough. update based on kodi 16.1,use the new audio API IEC61937,Fixed the issue of audio out of sync
3,Fixed the undetectable of sdcard sometimes.
4,Adjusted and optimized some system permissions.
5,Adjusted operation of adding device directory in ZIDOO Theater ,optimized scan mode to improve the matching accuracy.
6,Solved the problem that ZIDOO Theater occasionally force stop.
7,Solved MediaCenter occasionally “Unknown err” error result in failue of access the appropriate directory.
8,Added the Zidoo Helper apk,you can search for useful userguide and tutorials in it.
9,Optimized auto frame rate switching for 3d videos on VideoPlayer.
10,Optimized compatibility of some third-party video applications.

Mediafire mirror: https://www.mediafire.com/download/3b6ei8b6cvjrmut/ZIDOO_X6_Pro_v1.0.38_ota_20160603.zip
Amazon mirror:http://ota-cloudfront.zidoo.tv/zidoo_x6/ZIDOO_X6_Pro_v1.0.38_ota_20160603.zip

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