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Firmware Android TV Box ZIDOO X9S
Phiên bản: ZIDOO X9S v1.2.3
Kích thước: 516 MB
Mật khẩu:
Ngày cập nhật: 22/09/2016

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Firmware Android TV Box ZIDOO X9S v1.2.3

Model: ZIDOO_X9S
Version: v1.2.3



(1)Connection failed by VPN.
(2)Some playback appears noise when the PCM output is selected.
(3)Some WAV audio files appear noise.
(4)No sound when some few MKV videos playing.
(5)Some online video Stuttering.
(6)Some ANR(Application No Response) issues.

2.VideoPlayer application
(1)Turkish can’t be set as default language in subtitle.
(2)The wrong black border on both sides of 3D movie
(3)Wrong translation

3.Filemanager application
(1)Some items disappear in the page-view of SAMBA scanning.
(2)SD card is shown as U-disk.
(3)Loading bar of NFS will not be shown after execute SAMBA scanning.
(4)APP exit abnormally when SAMBA scanning.
(5)APP exit abnormally when using a mouse.
(6)Fail to exit from SAMBA device if network interrupted.
(7)APP exit abnormally when some animation appear.
(8)Symbol of favorite of file/directory doesn’t display.
(9)Sometimes APP exit abnormally when get the device identifier.

4.HDMI IN application
(1)Slight shake of recorded video picture.

5.Theater application
(1)Default picture don’t display in search interface.
(2)Fail to identify when the name of added file is same with name of device.
(3)Fail to save the video that finded by scan in some cases.

6.RC application
(1)Error message when network interrupted.

7.ZDMC application
(1)Blurred screen when some HEVC 4K 10BIT videos playing.
(2)Play video with external player support SMB and NFS.(Enable “Settings — video — playback –play video with external palyer” on ZDMC.)


(1)Optimized the process of NFS mounting.
(2)Optimized the video decoding.
(3)Made the system more stable.

2.VideoPlayer application
(1)Subtitle dialog disappear if download cancelled
(2)Add on-off for bookmarks.

3.Filemanager application
(1)UI improved.
(2)Resource management improved.
(3)List control improved.
(4)Keep SAMBA and NFS alive in background when exit the filemanager in order to not affect the other APP that using SAMBA and NFS.
(5)Handled the situation of network interrupt of remote device.

4.HDMI IN application
(1)Setting record frame as 30fps when the incoming video is 60fps,and 25fps when the incoming video is 50fps.
(2)Broadcast function improved.

5.Theater application
(1)UI improved.
(2)Optimized the process of scanning.
(3)Allow to add NFS videos to theater repository.
(4)Merge the videos which have the same information.


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MD5: 6e912be2512027a91019126e70c0141f

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